While San Antonio is filled with culture, our music economy isn't built to sustain local musical entrepreneurs. Financial barriers and inadequate access to resources has proven debilitating. Institutionally, the funding and support currently doesn't exist.
Even in Austin, one of the most recognized music hubs in the country, local musical entrepreneurs are struggling. The economic activity by local artist in Austin declined more the 15% from 2010 to 2014 according to the 2016 Austin Music Impact Economic Study by Austin Music People(AMP). Bobby Garza who is on the board for AMP summed up the report by saying, "If we continue to fail in out support of the local music industry, then being the Live Music Capital means visitors can come here for the weekend, spend a few dollars, see a festival, enjoy a restaurant, maybe visit a gallery or buy some locally-designed clothing - and leave. But there will be no music left for those who still live here in Austin, no places to perform it, no artists to create it, and no business to support them - and as they leave town, tourists and the festivals will follow."

Cultivate Community and Collaboration

SASG acts as a magnet and hub for San Antonio's music community, serving as both a talent pool and grounds for networking and mentoring opportunities, as we strive to connect and build entire homegrown production teams. Everyone in the community is invited and encouraged to take part in the process through free professional workshops where we work and learn together.
We will also be selecting a band/artist from the community and taking them through a one-year program designed to help build a strategy, write, record and release a record, resourcing them at every step of the process.

Provide Relevant Resources

SASG provides space for up and coming producers, engineers, small record labels and management companies, as well as other music industry professionals like booking agents and marketing and PR firms. The centerpiece of our vision is a facility that grants our city's artists a space to work and create as well as access to state of the art equipment so that organic teams of artist, engineers, producers and editors emerge.

Highlight Our Hidden Talent

SASG aims to give local artist access to resources that will create value for them both home and abroad, bringing revenue to our musical entrepreneurs and the venues that house them. We've developed a model that encourages the greater San Antonio community to engage and take pride of their local artist as well as simplified means to participate and support them.
SASG is partnering with local publications as well as local videographers to bring rich content that showcases that huge array of talent here in our city. We will be filming live recordings and in-studio performances where bands can invite friends and family to participate in the community experience and have a tangible product for promotion.