Tapping Into Your Roots with San Antonio Sound Garden

Las Raices is a monthly musical forum of San Antonio Sound Garden that acts as a vehicle to elevate the talents of our musicians by sharing resources and advocating for our collective success. We utilize workshops and the expertise of community leaders to impart information and tools to our musicians.

Bringing together the advocates for music in its varied vision and rhythm, we will create a space for listening, sharing, advocating, and expressing our passions.


We must understand the roots of the passions of our fellow musicians, and this is done first and foremost by listening to their voices and integrating their ideas into our collective impact strategy.


Guided sharing of success and failures through all aspects of the musical process will open up eyes and ears to the issues musicians are facing right now.


We will focus on the musical community through the lens of Musical Economy, Music & Community, and Music and Civic Responsibility. We will investigate these spheres in order to create positive and progressive cross-sector partnerships that will move forward the musical industry in the image of local musicians.


In open jam format, musicians are encouraged to test out new ideas with their own groups, interact with new musicians, explore new sounds, and discover something incredible about their gifts.